FLATsite Static Site Generator Review

WordPress Static Site Generator. Create or convert to a WordPress static site easy on FLATsite. Go static for unhackable, fast and scalable sites.

FLATsite Transcript:

In this video I am going to be reviewing flat sites static WordPress site builder. Now I am going to hop right into this review. So go ahead and stick around because I’m going to be covering everything you need to know about flat site their builder what it does for you and if it is a good thing to use.

signup at flat site.com and see how easy you can begin with flat site you can convert any WordPress site into a static HTML site resulting in ultra fast page load speeds and secured like Fort Knox. All you need to do for setup is create your users Connect flat site to any FTP or SFTP and install WordPress on the instance flat site allows you to build and easily maintain even more websites with less work and you save tons on hosting. And don’t worry. With flat site, you can still use most of your WordPress themes, plugins and tools. We’ve made many integrations with all of the top plugin creators. It gives the browser only what it needs HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead of access to the WordPress login page in database. This creates tougher security eliminating WordPress vulnerabilities and the chances of WordPress sites getting hacked with no maintenance or update issues site flat site makes web development and management seem like a piece of cake.

Join us at flat site.com. Today,no flat site is essentially a WordPress static site builder or a static site generator, which employs WordPress. Now that might seem a bit confusing at first, which is why I do want to break it down for you and kind of explain what a static site is, what a static site generator is, and what it means when it generates it from WordPress. Well, first off, let’s go ahead and start with a static site. Well, a static site is basically just a website that has no back end or has no CMS attached to it. It’s pure HTML, it was entirely basically coded from the ground up and it removes any parts of a CMS or any part of a CMS that you might find now because of this flat site basically, is generating a static site. But from a WordPress website, what this means is that you will have access to the WordPress back end to be able to edit and customize your static website, however, then it will be generated into a static website, as opposed to a WordPress website. And there will be no WordPress back end on this static site.

Now, this is actually a really, in my opinion, a unique and interesting type of generation method for a website because this isn’t a common method, which you might see people using. However, from my research, I’ve actually found out that there are a lot of good reasons to actually use a method like this. You see flat sites generator just isn’t a static site generator. Because I mean, you might be wondering, why do I want a static site. And from what I found, there are actually a few key reasons why you might want a static site like flat sites.

Now for one and in my opinion, the biggest reason why you might want something like this is because it will actually remove 99 point 99% of all vulnerabilities you’re gonna see with any CMS system, or content management system. CMS is our Unfortunately, despite being way easier to use, they’re also known as being way easier to hack as well. And because of this, you can run into some vulnerabilities in using a CMS. So whenever you use a CMS, and you host that website, you can actually run into some problems with that, and you can not have the ideal security standard, because of this flat site actually aims to fix that. And their static websites actually do fix that because a static site, think about it this way, is just HTML and code.