SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review – Ecommerce CASE STUDY [2021]

In this SiteGround cloud hosting review, I’ll try to see if their plans are a good fit for e-commerce and visitor heavy websites.

One of my clients was complaining about their website crashing as soon as they run a sale. Upon further inspection, I noticed that their website is hosted on shared hosting plans that work fine until they get hit with an influx of users.

At that point, I decided to migrate the website to SiteGround cloud hosting to see if there’s an improvement.

I was mostly interested in seeing how well SiteGrounds cloud hosting plan handles large spikes in users & the performance during peak hours. Since the plan costs $100/mo.

I saw considerable improvement in performance after switching. Most importantly my TTFB (Time To First Byte) metric went down from 900 ms to just 100 ms almost a 10x improvement.

Using SiteGrounds cloud hosting autoscaling feature the website was able to keep up with high demand and peak hours as well without crashing. Due to the fact that my clients’ website was more stable, faster and crashed less this lead to such metrics as Time Spent On Page almost doubling.

Bounce rate was down by 30% and page views were up by 300%. All of this from switching web hosting providers.