What WordPress Hosting Price Should You Expect To Pay? πŸ‘‡πŸ’₯

πŸ‘‰ This video covers what WordPress hosting price you should expect to pay in 2021. Don’t overpay!

What WordPress Hosting Price Should You Expect To Pay? Transcript:

Hello everyone, Carson here and welcome back to my channel. Now in today’s video, I wanted to go ahead and take you through a really quick video of what WordPress hosting price you should expect to pay. So let’s go ahead and get right into it. However, before we do start this video, just a reminder to leave, let’s subscribe and hit that notification bell.

And also, I will have a link in the description to some of my recommended hosts under the price that you should be expecting to pay. But now let’s get right into it because we don’t want to waste any more time. So you are looking for WordPress hosting, and you want to know what you’re going to be paying for that WordPress hosting.

Now, it wildly varies depending on the type of hosting platform you’re going to be using for your WordPress hosting. However, I’m gonna break it down for each type, and then run you over some of the good examples of each type. For shared hosting just straight up shared hosting, you gotta be aiming for under four a month to start with, that is going to be the price that’s ideal for you. Anything above four to five per month just isn’t going to be ideal.

That really just gets into the more expensive elite market and you’re not looking for that you’re looking for a good budget. good price. So aim for under four to five a month. Moving on from shared hosting to WordPress hosting, I can go up a few bucks, maybe 567. Even just depending on the type of WordPress specific hosting you use, whether it’s managed or not. And other features it has moving on to the final type of hosting I would recommend for WordPress Oh, is VPS hosting.

And that once again goes up a few bucks to around under 10 a month. For the budget ones anything more than that is just slightly more expensive than you would be wanting. And then you would be looking for and there are some really good budget ones under 10 per month. So now getting into the recommendations for each one of these. For shared hosting just straight up shared hosting, I would actually recommend hosting or hosting or is probably the cheapest shared hosting platform on the market coming in at under $1 per month, which is a seriously big deal.

Now hosting are is super, super good, their customer support is great. And for under $1 a month, you really can’t beat the amount of features you’re getting with hosting or their loading times enough time are very, very reasonable as well. So that is going to be for shared hosting. However, moving on to WordPress hosting, I am going to have to recommend Bluehost now Bluehost is a very good hosting company as well.

And they provide great shared hosting as well. However, for just WordPress hosting WordPress shared hosting, this is the company that you’re going to be wanting to look at. They are recommended by the official WordPress team, very very good company and I highly recommend them moving on to number three and the VPS host I recommend is scale hosting Skelos thing is very, very good.

They’ve got the most amount of features and performance you can get for under 10 bucks for a VPS hosts that are around 995 per month. And their features are in credible I am serious about this.