Will the VPS Server Become the new Standard in Servers? 🔥

👉 VPS Server vlog – In this video, learn if VPS servers will become the norm in the future? You might be quite surprised.

Will the VPS Server Become the NORM of the Future? Transcript:

Hello everyone, Carson here and welcome back to my channel. Now in today’s video, I’m going to be answering a really quick question of if VPS servers will become the norm in the future. And to answer this question, I have to talk about VPS servers and the progress they’ve been making.

A lot of times VPS servers in the past have been regarded as highly technical and not easy to customize, because they really just don’t have that easy ease of use, and beautiful, streamlined UI, which other types of hosting like shared hosting have. However, in the past few years, VPS hosting has gotten much better by leaps and bounds with new companies like scalar hosting coming out, and companies like Bluehost, and hosting, you’re providing very top of the line VPS hosting.

Now, I actually will have a link to all three of those companies in the description below. Those are my recommended VPS hosts. VPS Server So if you’re looking to get into VPS hosting right now, because I do think it will become the norm in the future. And I’ll explain that in a second. But if you are looking to get into VPS hosting, go ahead and check my links out in the description.

Now why do I think VPS hosting is going to become the norm? VPS Server Well, the reason being is because overall, it’s probably better than shared hosting. shared hosting definitely holds the title for the cheapest hosting. However, with the decreased security, decreased performance and overall just worse type of platform and worse type of hosting VPS hosting definitely has a potential to become the hosting type of choice.

Essentially, with VPS hosting, you have access to your own virtual or emulated server, where you can run all your resources on and which you can use to customize to its fullest extent. VPS Server This essentially just gives you that extra oomph which you need when you are running a hosting website and when you are hosting your website on a server. And with the new developments with all the managed VPS hosting that is coming out including sites like scalar hosting, which provide managed VPS hosting for free.

You basically don’t have to know any technical aspects but you get the benefits of the VPS. So if you can pay even a slight bit more per month, you can definitely get a VPS server instead of a shared website server that is going to do it for this video though. So remember to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell. That is just really quickly. While I do think in the future VPS hosting will actually become the norm as compared to other hosting types. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video.